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Makette celebrates the side projects of eight designers working across diverse disciplines: architecture, set design, graphic design, textile design and illustration.
As creative people, they are linked by their desire to find other ways of expressing and testing their ideas through the pursuit of ‘side projects’.

Side projects can exist in many forms but rather than assuming that they are simply ‘other’ or ‘lesser’, they are framed here as self initiated, created outside of the constraints and rituals of the designers’ daily work and explore making in some other form.

So, why begin side projects in the first place? Why make in or learn a new medium? How can side projects link back to core practice and is this even important?

For these designers, this work is an opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones. Beginning with these questions, the exhibition presents the outcomes of each of the side projects alongside filmed interviews, unpacking the stories behind the designers’ work. The narrative reflects on the motivations, ideas and working process, offering personal insights into how side projects fuel their creativity and relate to their everyday practice.

Curated By
Karen Fermo and Martin Musiatowicz
Kart Projects

Graphic Design
Cloudy Co

Filming and Editing
Daniel Kerr

Exhibition Design & Fabrication | Website
Kart Projects


Supported By
RMIT School of Architecture and Design through SRC funds
Design Institute of Australia
City of Melbourne • The SIDA Foundation
Cloudy Co • Daniel Kerr • Jamsheed Wines
SpacecraftStudio Proper