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Graphic Designer
Self published motorcycle fanzine, Head Full of Snakes (in collaboration with Luke Wood)

Head Full of Snakes is an annual zine about motorcycles and the people who you find around them. It’s produced entirely (editing and design through to printing, binding and distribution) by its initiators Stuart Geddes and Luke Wood.

It is a motorcycle zine, but one that also explores crossovers between motorcycling and art, design and music. The first two issues have included, amongst other things, interviews, photo essays, a comic, a music column, a shed feature, an embroidered patch and a sound work by Paul Elliman, pressed as a flexidisk. It’s a weird mongrel of a magazine, but one that seemed to strike a chord; issue one sold out within two months, was featured prominently in the design and motorcycle press, won design awards in Australia and New Zealand and was acquired by the MOMA Library in

New York. Issue two is close to selling out after a few months, despite almost doubling the print run of the first.

The design of Head Full of Snakes is part fanzine, part contemporary magazine design, and partly an historical survey of motorcycle magazines. It was also designed specifically for the process it’s printed with: a Risograph digital duplicator (a process more like screen printing than anything else, with bright colours and inconsistent registration).