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Set Designer
RAF jewellery - Fimo and Rope necklaces

My necklace range started 2 years ago when I would play with the materials that a friend had given me for my birthday.

The aspect that I most enjoy is problem solving in the composition and making of the pieces. I like being resourceful with what I have available and not wasting materials, this is also probably about creating for myself more design obstacles to resolve. I like it when something visually stimulating derives from a practical decision. Formally I love working with pattern, texture, colour and shape. Previous work I’ve made for theatre I think shows this also.

The last range was made with my interest in textures and organic shapes. It alluded to teeth or bone matter with a little nautical flavour in there. In Indonesia where I am currently living, there isn’t enough time to capture the incredible shapes, colours, textures and patterns in the everyday

environment around me. Here, domestic, urban and street design is practical, innovative and resourceful due to the nature of the country and the inherent social and economic restraints that accompany a population of 240 million people. Therefore “DIY” doesn’t have the same cultural or aesthetic meaning here as it does in Australia, perhaps here it is just what it is, a solution. So with that attitude I will try to use every left over bit or rope or colour that I have at my finger tips and also enjoy the element of having to resolve the design with this.