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Geyser Installation (in collaboration with Caitlin Perry and Robert Bravington)

Installation art was something I had been interested in exploring for a long time. I had a desire to explore the physical environment as a purely experiential space, stripped of functionality and pragmatics. I wanted to explore the emotional response space could evoke. I was also interested in how such an environment could be constructed using simple materials and techniques.

In 2012, I exhibited my first show, GEYSER, in collaboration with Caitlin Perry and sound artist, Robert Bravington. It was presented at manysquaremetres in Kensington.

Thinking about space as a sensory experience, we were drawn to the idea of thermal bathing and how the experience of shifting from one bathing temperature to another, could heighten the way our bodies experience their surrounds. Using similar principles, we created three distinct sensory experiences and exploited the contrast between the three to deepen the experience.

Once we had established the key concepts, it became clear that lightness, transparency and reflectivity were going to be important, so we drew from a palette of mostly whites and reflective materials. We gathered a few different material options and made small samples, testing how they would read at different scales and how they would respond to light. It was interesting to observe how the design resolution would morph as the project unfolded. It was yet another reminder of how the act of making can really drive the design process.